Pichilla shows with his Textile Art an intelectual abstraction. He uses sacred and ritual  elements such as  candles, baskets, stones, and threads to create his abstract art, which is always related with the four colors of corn in Guatemala (Zutuhil); Black, White, Red and Yellow.

The knots on the canvas are a reference to Mayan shamanistic and energetic practices. The knot is the bond between beings and their beginnings; it is the union that allows them to continue on a certain path. The knot is the articulation between kinfolks and/or enemies, which maintains a structure and at the same time creates tension between them.

In Pichilla's work, wooden objects, candles and looms are mixed. As a readymade, he takes all that human presence to delve into an imaginary notoriously rooted in his culture.



BORN 2020